WoW ● Project Work Packages
WP6 - Project management and coordination

All scientific matters related to the project are discussed, evaluated and decided upon by the Research Coordination Team (RCT). The RCT has regular meetings by teleconferencing and meets at least once per year physically in a satellite meeting to the Health Grain Forum Autumn meeting where the WoW project progress will be presented to the allied scientific and industrial (sponsoring) partners.
To benefit from scientific expertise present at the site of R&D departments of allied sponsoring partners, a steering team has been established, which will participate in regular meetings with the RCT. All project partners will be informed about the meeting contents en developments (laid down in the meeting minutes), allowing interactions and feedback.
To optimize dissemination of information resulting from the project and the related fields of science, a communication team has been formed with representatives from both research and sponsoring partners.
Finance and potential conflicts of interest: the project is subsidised by governmental funds from the TKI-Agri & Food-RVO (Top Knowledge Institute- Agri & Food, Wageningen- Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland).and donations from industrial partners. To avoid suspicions of industrial influences (see also conflicts of interest), on study design, generation of data and their interpretation, the project will be managed in full transparency concerning organization, financial flows, processes of preparation and research, discussions, decision taking and execution. Accordingly, under the section “Organization” all partners, their scientific and their financial sponsoring contribution, and the names of their representatives are listed. All human studies will be formally registered and will pass independent ethical committees for approval.
Financial management and administration support is supplied by ICC – the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria, lead Mrs Michaela Pichler, for invoicing the funding partners for their regular contributions, according to the grant agreements as well as payment transfers of required budgets to the research partners according to the research consortium agreements as requested by Maastricht University. Financial project audits will be performed by registered accountants, on request of the Dutch subsidy instance TKI-Agri & Food-RVO (Top Knowledge Institute- Agri & Food, Wageningen- Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland).

The overall project coordination is executed by Maastricht University, Faculty of health Medicine and Life Sciences Prof Dr Fred Brouns, assisted by the department of finance, Fred Gorissen, and mr Pascal Stevens, managing director of the School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism. Operational management assistance is supplied by Mrs Zsuzsan Proos of the Dutch Bakery center, Wageningen, Netherlands. Financial management and administration support is given by Mrs Michaela Pichler , ICC, Vienna, Austria.